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LED Vision Charts

Cyber Chart

The Cyber Chart is maintenance free and offers numerous advantages over conventional chart projectors and other available visual acuity systems.

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  • Adaptable to smaller rooms with precise adjustment of distance

  • Speedy Refraction by using navigation keys

  • Duochrome function for all optotypes

  • Multiple Regional languages

  • Exclusive Image gallery for various eye diseases

  • Reverse mode available for all charts

  • Compensation for red green filter

  • Catchy remote control with direct commands for all tests

  • External USB Port for easy software Up gradation

  • Easy Wall mounting

  • No Moving Parts


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Akas Bioscale

Touch screen table top A-scan


  • Axial length measurement

  • Depth of anterior chamber

  • Thickness of lens


  • Compact and light weight

  • Ultra light weight probe

Attractive Features

  • Calculating IOL power using 6 formulae

  • Built in thermal printer

  • Contact and immersion modes


  • Easy to use touch screen


a scan new gui.png


vit iamge.jpg

AKAS Flair


  •  7 Types of Vitrectomy Cutter modes

  • 10.1” Touch Screen display

  •  Doctor Personalization setup

  •  Compact Design

  •  Irrigation Pressure Control

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